Sansthanam Abhay Daanam is a charitable trust having its center at village Sunpura, Gautam Buddha Nagar is working since 2016. The Trust was initially formed to help birds and small animals during their sickness and injury. Later on the Trust started rescue and treatment of large animals also. At present the Trust has expended its working area not only for birds and animals but also for Environment and Human beings. 

The Trust has opened Ayurvedic and Naturopathy Research centers and Hospitals where free treatment and care is given to sick and needy human beings.

The Trust has started Free Gurukul based educational study centers with all facilities and present-day infrastructure. 

At present the Trust has facilities and centers at 4 locations. Three Locations are based in Bharat and One in abroad i.e. Sri Lanka. These locations cover areas of Delhi (NCR), nearby locations from Tirthankara Leni, Shahada (Maharashtra) and throughout Colombo city, Sri Lanka.

Abhay Daanam has extended its support towards larger action of society by uplifting the standard of living of farmers producing organic food and medicinal products. The trust is providing employment to hundreds of village workers, unskilled labour including women by giving free training to produce cow dung products, clay and handmade products. The trust has installed several hathkhargha machines at all of its location to make handmade khadi fabric and provide employment.

The Trust has initiated various social campaigns like organizing educational seminars, advocacy and training programs, demonstrations depicting animal rights and other social causes. From time to time the trust and thousands of its volunteers are involved in activities like free healthy Vegan and Organic food distribution. The trust has opened stores providing plant based & cruelty free vegan organic products at charitable rates at all of its locations.

During the covid-19 pandemic the trust has installed lot of free food distribution centers for continuous six months. The trust is committed to help the society and the needy towards any such national and international calamities in future.

The Trust is running free tree plantation drive across the year to support environment and nature. All centers of the trust is equipped with best available natural sources like Rain Water Harvesting, biogas plants and solar power. Most of the infrastructure and buildings of the trust is using natural and environment friendly cement made from cow dung and clay.  The trust is working to create zero waste society by discouraging polythene and plastic products.